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Our Process

Leadbird(R) is a B2B lead generation company specializing in frontend solutions. With a proven track record serving over 250 clients since 2016, we empower businesses to expand their customer base and accelerate sales growth. Our approach leverages a multifaceted strategy, combining industry expertise and internally developed tools to achieve these results.

Through a collaborative process, we gain a deep understanding of your unique sales and marketing landscape. This initial phase allows us to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement within your existing workflows. By working closely with you, we can refine and optimize your processes to maximize their effectiveness.


Who is Our Ideal Client

Leadbird is best suited to support new and established B2B companies in the technology, software, finance, manufacturing, and professional services industries. These companies typically have annual sales or funding exceeding $1 million and are actively seeking strategies to expand their revenue streams.

Get More Leads & Scale Your Revenue

Marketing a B2B technology solution has never been harder. Marketing it well requires specialists who understand how technology, creativity, design, and messaging all need to work together to generate more qualified leads to help you close more sales, faster.